ICPC-3 CodingTool, 2.70.02


There are two search-options:

1. Search by typing one (or more) word (fragments) in the search box
Enter one or more word (fragments at least consisting of 3 characters) in the search box and you will be presented with one or more classes containing these word fragments. Above the list there are tabs that organize the results. The tab All shows the results from all chapters. The tab Prev(ention) limits the search to the classes from chapter Visits for general examination, routine examination, family planning, prevention, and other reasons for visit. The tab Sympt.&Dis. shows the results from all chapters with Symptom and Disease components. The tab Social shows the results from the chapter Social problems. The tab Interventions shows the results from the Interventions Chapter. The tab Functioning shows the results from the chapter Functioning and Functioning related.
Within the specified tab you will be presented with the classes relevant to the preselection.

2. Search by clicking Chapters on the right side of the search box

All ICPC-3 chapters are shown and by clicking on one of them the codes within the selected chapter are shown.

If you think none of the classes is a good match, and you want to search again click on clear all and you can restart your search by typing other words or by starting the second option for searching within the Chapters. In this search option, to find the proper code, it is advised to have a closer look at the expression. You need to ask yourself if the expression is:

  • not related to a health problem, go to Chapter A1
  • about a complaint or disease, go to Chapters A – W
  • a social problem, go to chapter Z
  • an intervention, go to chapter I
  • related to functioning, go to Chapter II